Sometimes it feels very annoying when someone sees you online but not replying to their messages, Read all messages & chats in incognito mode and stay online.


The messaging app hosted by Meta WhatsApp LLC is set to launch a new ‘secret mode or incognito mode’ that allows users to use the app without anyone noticing. No Double Blue Ticks, No Last Seen, Unseen & Hidden chat app for WhatsApp.


The news feature will hide your ‘visibility’ and ‘internet’ status from select people or block it from everyone.


The app creates a tool that will hide your activity from other users, as reported by WA Beta info. WhatsApp currently allows people to hide their ‘last seen’ status only.


The feature will add a list of new WhatsApp features that consider privacy such as the ‘disappearance’ feature, which creates any text messages you send later.



“There may be various reasons why people want to use WhatsApp in a subtle way: for example, some users want to use WhatsApp without being interrupted by other people or feel pressured by someone,” said WABetaInfo.


The beta app is a limited, tested version of the app that Android and iPhone users can sign up for. People can sign up for the Beta version of the app to get these features ahead of time.


They added that unfortunately this feature is still being developed so they do not know the details of when it will be released to the public.


If you need these features before Whatsapp releases its own, you can download the app from “pub: WhatSave Tech” Or WAMR- Recover Deleted Messages from the google play store which already provides these features for free.


It feels very annoying when someone deletes their messages before you can see them? Read all messages & chats although the message has been deleted using this WAMR| Recover Deleted Messages.


WAMR is a free tool for Whatsapp that recovers text messages, voice notes, and also any media attachments like (pictures, videos, or voices).


WAMR Features:


Unseen Chat

This unseen will give the freedom to read messages in incognito mode. Hide online and double tick even if you read messages of any contact.  Maintain your privacy on social media when you don’t want a reply to messages.


Recovered Media

Recover media attached to the message if the sender deletes it, a notification will be received to you. Recover deleted photos, video, voice & documents attached to the chat.


Status Saver

This status saver for Whatsapp will help you in download photo images, GIFs, and videos of new status. Status Downloader for WhatsApp saves multiple statuses at a time.


Unsaved Number

Chat without a saving number is possible for Whatsapp by downloading this app.  Just put the number, write your message and it will open WhatsApp with that number to start a conversation.



Many time you wants to post a stunning quote but when the time came to write the caption, you absolutely froze how to write? Large collection of quotes captions and many more.


Text Repeater

Download this text repeater for Whatsapp unlimited, and repeated the same text multiple times. WAMR Text Repeater repeats as many times as you want.