Bitcoin Downtrend

Craig Johnson, the chief market expert at American private investment banking Piper Sandler Companies, believes the ongoing Bitcoin Downtrend will end if cryptocurrency size manages points to close above the $ 26,000 level. According to Johnson, this will ensure another bull market’s start.


So far, Bitcoin has struggled to collect smoke, has so far struggled to collect smoke, currently trading at $ 20,400 in Bitstamp trading.


That being said, making Bitcoin price predictions is complicated as the biggest cryptocurrency has no basics, Johnson said.


To date, the analyst has not seen any indication that the trend will change anytime soon.


Oanda’s Jeffrey Halley recently opted that $ 17,500 was Bitcoin’s make-up or death rate. If the bulls fail to catch, the king of crypto is likely to drop significantly.


Bitcoin managed to drop to $ 17,600 last month, marking the lowest price since the end of December 2020.


Crypto Winter

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