In this article, we’ll introduce the best recovery ways to help you recover deleted media with the android app. Also, the effective way to recover deleted media is with data recovery app & restore.

Android has revolutionized mobile phone communications, given that its popularity has risen drastically as one of the major operating systems in many smartphones present. These devices have become a part of us to the extent that we even keep sensitive data on them. Losing important media from your mobile can thus result in loss of importance, which begs how to recover deleted media? This article will introduce the best 5 free android recovery applications and the way to help you recover deleted media for example files, video, audio & photo, etc.


Five free recovery apps which given below.


  1. Data Recovery App & Restore
  2. X Data Recovery Photo Recovery
  3. Data Recovery Software
  4. Recycle Data Recovery Software
  5. Data Recovery- File Recovery



  1. Data Recovery App & Restore:

Data Recovery App & Restore is an amazing android tool that can recover your all deleted data. Sometimes it happens when you delete accidentally some media from your mobile and start looking for a good data recovery app that can retrieve or restore deleted media. Never worry about data loss or contacts, No matter what kind of data did you lost, we know your pain. Use this perfect data recovery application for your phone and easily recover your important data.

  1. X Data Recovery Photo Recovery:

This is another application that delivers quality data recovery for users on the android platform. X data recovery application which is available on the Play Store free of cost. This free application recovers your data that has been lost from your phone or SD card hands down and with the great satisfaction that you would love. You can easily restore your deleted photos or video back to your phone memory just with a simple click-through photo Recovery. This app will restore all the important photos and videos that you need urgently and on a priority basis.


  1. Data Recovery Software:


Data recovery software has a new technology that helps you with a single click to find and recover deleted videos, photos, audio, and documents data. Very easily and quickly if accidentally deleted an important photo or video, exactly works like the recycle bin on your mobile. If you are looking for a way or an app to recover your deleted data then you are in the right place. Install Data recovery software. It doesn’t recover deleted data, before the installation of our app but it does retrieve data that are deleted if this app is installed.



  1. Recycle Data Recovery Software:


Have you accidentally deleted any video or important audio! I have the best solution for your problem and that is recycle data recovery software. You don’t have to be worried about deleted photos and deleted audio. if you have this recycle data recovery application on your phone. It’s a complete solution for all the problems related to data recovery, deleted files, photos, videos, and audio. With the help of this recovery app for mobile, you can now recover deleted data within seconds. Your files are always safe with this recovery tool.



  1. Data Recovery- File Recovery:


Scan and Recover all your deleted data like photos – videos, audio, files with this superb data recovery- file recovery. It Recovers all your lost data within seconds. Recovery software can recover and undelete lost photos and videos from memory card or internal memory. Data recovery is a free android application. No root is required to recover the media process. Our app will scan your mobile’s internal storage and SD card with a powerful algorithm and recover lost data back to the Mobile storage.