How to upload the long video to Whatsapp status?

How to upload a long video on Whatsapp status, This status app will enable you to upload any long video or even an entire movie to your status.

Whatsapp Status Video Length Is Supported By WhatsApp Status But Not All Users Are Sure About It, In This Article, We Give You A Simple Explanation About What Is Whatsapp Status.

WhatsApp Status Video Length May Be Just as Important As Your Profile Photo

The question arises – Why do we need Whatsapp Status? And there are many reasons behind that. Some of them include;

We can share the images, video files, gifs, etc. you want to create on your Whatsapp account in 1 click.

When it comes to creating long WhatsApp videos, it’s important to choose an appropriate WhatsApp Status Video Creator to customize the video. With this option, you can find great options with which to make social media videos and share them with the community easily. When using our simple guide below, you will see a list of good Youtube/ Instagram creators for statuses.

Now you’re wondering – “How to upload a long video on Whatsapp status?”

Well, you came here for one reason – To know how to upload videos of more than 30 seconds.

Let’s have you know:

You don’t have to copy any other people. There are already several Insta accounts like yours. They might be working on different things. So, just try out their work and get inspired. Try to find stuff similar to theirs. Or, if you’re not sure, you can check out some Youtube channels to see who does what for a better understanding. This Instagram account is quite popular at least for its short clips.

Once you find their stuff, start making them. No matter where you come from, do it right now. If you want to give something shorter, you can try doing what they do.

So, let’s put this in perspective. People upload content for their followers’ attention. Then, they use Instagram ads and ask people to purchase those services. Now, the creator (or channel) has to make money. Hence, he needs to sell his products or services to the maximum number of persons possible. So, to achieve this objective… he needs to make and increase his engagement rate.

But that’s no easy feat!

What about Facebook?

There is another platform that has millions of users every day, known as Facebook. One of their biggest responsibilities is to provide information about celebrities and their friends and family. They always announce new updates, photos, articles, news, etc.

The thing is that we cannot directly go like this – when someone asks us about our friend that lives next door or a celebrity in our city, we need to ask our parents first. Thus, it becomes our responsibility to keep track of their information and know all facts. We start watching what’s going on around here.

Let us take a quick look at two of such posts. These two are examples of what is happening on Facebook. First, it’s my friend who was arrested in 2018 after she committed suicide. Second, a person who died a year ago after getting pregnant. Both of these are the same case. Even so, they have very different backgrounds and life stories.

When someone mentions any one of these posts, I’m sure you are thinking about them. Yet, there’s nothing to say that you can upload anything like that. Most of the time, we just have to think about the situation and then let God handle everything to the best. Here’s my friend’s example who got caught in a car accident.

He is currently recovering and getting back to life. He has made a few promises in return for the recovery and he didn’t want to disappoint anyone. Since his recovery, he started uploading his progress on the app too.

It seems like he’s finally happy. So I decided to post it. I uploaded the video on my camera’s video player. I waited for 2–3 minutes until the video starts playing. It’s still showing the video of him with a smile after 5 mins. I’m feeling happy even though I uploaded this video for my friend to watch. So I uploaded it again and again and again.

And it is that simple trick, I did and I hope that the above is useful for everyone.

Whatsapp Long Status Video Maker Guide

If you have access to any android device or Tablet (or maybe even an older android version), you can download Whatsapp Status uplader Tool here.

Here’s the link to Download it.

Once you reach the end of the installation, Click open and allow all permission it asks, you’ll get all the files.

You can upload videos for more than 30 seconds by following the below-mentioned steps.

Step #1. Open the application on your phone, press the upload button, and hit the videos button as shown below.

Step #2: Once there’s the video you’re looking for, tap on its name. The video should appear on the screen.

Step#3: Tap on the settings to set it as per your requirement. Make sure your choice duration limit are selected. Lastly, click upload status. Let’s have a look at the results…

Once done, you can see video files on your Whatsapp status screen.

To change the order, open the applications menu, then go to the settings. Pick the desired folders under which your video will appear on your home screen. And finally, add the new order.

Here’s how to recover deleted messages on  WhatsApp chat.

Before installing this tool, make sure that these cases are OK.

WAMR| Recover Deleted Messages will not work in the following cases:
1. In case of muted a chat.
2. In case of currently watching the chat.
3. If you have switched off notifications on your device.
4. In case of messages have been deleted before you installed the app.
5. If all permissions the app requires have not been granted.

Once you’ve installed it, the program will launch automatically. Don’t worry about downloading anything else. Just let the software solve its problems without any help.

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