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The most popular and best applications in the google play store are designed by developers in-house rather than through a third-party platform. The number of ways in which you can download a specific app also depends on how much experience you have in coding or developing an android or tablet application. There is also a chance that your app will not be accepted on Google Play Store if it has more than one bug. The only way you can get your app listed on the Play Store without any problem is through having high rating scores. To increase your chances of being selected for the best Play Store app, there are several factors such as downloads, reviews, community ratings, number of followers, and comments. However, if you want to publish or promote your new application then having good rankings can do wonders. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the best Applications on the Google Play Store.

What you should know about Google Play Store App

Google play store applies a uniform interface across all devices with different sizes and versions. It helps developers make their applications available to users globally. Apart from giving developers the flexibility to modify the look & feel of their applications, it provides them with the opportunity to increase user engagement with the app. With over 1.6 million apps available, it’s easy to find something that suits your requirements. However, it takes a lot of time, effort, and focus to build something unique. So try out these application ideas carefully before getting started. In case you’re looking for an application idea for an assignment, we recommend you check our list of top 200+ Android application ideas.

Top Application Ideas on Google Play Store

Google Play Store has offered a lot of free and premium applications with a wide range of features, in a variety of categories. Sharing revenue, and market awareness is the small and big point of this list. The rank of an application depends on the number of downloads, minimum CRASHES, and ANR. Conversion Ratio and User engagement time are also the most important factor to define an app’s quality. Paid apps are more popular than free applications. The categories of top free, top grossing, and top paid are varying on daily bases. Each app rank is calculated and updated regularly. Google Play does not share its policy on the base they decide which is the best app. On the bases of using some premium ASO & SEO tools, also on the base of current category rank, The following app ideas were picked based on design, usability, speed, technicality, and popularity.

If you think your app idea will rank among the top app ideas then let us know in the comment box below. You don’t necessarily need to follow all features or be free to change anything in your project. Most importantly, you need to have something original and cool. This may seem like an obvious choice as everything else that’s been covered here already exists. But even though there’s no official requirement on what kind of application gets listed, we feel that these five ones are quite useful for students and entrepreneurs to develop. So check them out now.

No. 1 MeetAny- Live Video Call

MeetAny is the most convenient and affordable way to get in touch with your global network, anytime and anywhere. All it takes is a single tap on the screen to get started meeting and chatting with friends, family, business contacts, and more. A MeetAny conversation can last from a few seconds to as long as you need to in order to have a more in-depth and meaningful dialogue. Stay Connected It’s simple and fun to stay in touch with your friends and loved ones using your Android phone. MeetAny keeps you in touch with the people you want to connect with… MeetAny is the most convenient and affordable way to get in touch with your global. Calling someone is as simple as sending a text message, email, or even Facebook Messenger. By providing a unique idea, MeetAny is ranked as one of the best applications google play store.

Let’s try a free video call to connect with strangers for a live talk video call using a random live call. Enjoy unlimited free calls using the latest free live chat only for a free talk with strangers. Contact the right person for any question, moment, or life situation. Just connect to live talk and have some conversations with different people from different countries at any time. This is the best dating app in which you can have a chance to meet beautiful girls and beautiful boys. You can be the center of attraction for every girl, I mean a partner with a great romance. Try this and enjoy a pair of lovely people in the community of MeetAny. If you’re looking for an application to make free video call with beautiful girls, we recommend you check our related blog.

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No. 2 Youtuber & Video Editor/Screen Recorder

YouTubers or video editors are used for converting videos or making live streams. An editor can also record a live-streamed video and also edit a recorded stream. Many websites and social media platforms have made it easier for people to share content or make videos with particular partners or businesses. Creating a video is very simple. All you need to do is just point your camera at any object and click. Once the video is saved on your computer, you can use this app to easily convert it into MP3. Then, once you have converted this video into a YouTube video with certain tags. Here again, it comes with lots of amazing features like auto-editing, voice control, etc. So this app can also become a hub for you to learn YouTube and be able to share your passion and knowledge. Also, there is no limit to what you can create. All you need to do is upload videos, name them, give a description, and upload. Not only can you add multiple tags to make your video stand out but you can also add custom text, change background music, etc. So this app can also become a source of education, inspiration, and entertainment. Thanks to this app idea, we’ve learned quite a few lessons about Youtube and YouTube creators. Moreover, the concept here is really strong so you don’t need to consider learning a bit more by reading or watching tutorials. You can go ahead and start creating. Such kinds of apps are counted as the best applications google play store.

No. 3 Social Media Marketer Manager

A social media marketing manager is an excellent tool to market your brand and products online. A social media marketing strategy can take a toll on your competitors. Being aware of such strategies, there are quite a handful of tools that can help you succeed in this competitive landscape. Such tools include tools like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter advertising, SEO tools, Google Analytics, etc. And while planning to set up your social media profile, you’ll also come across many questions when it comes to deciding which accounts to choose. Every successful company is looking for effective social media management experts who can help them plan and execute their campaigns effectively. According to Statista, around 80% of companies have found themselves unable to reach the right customers and make meaningful connections due to poor social media presence. Fortunately, there are tons of resources to stay updated on such topics. So without any hesitation, grab a copy of this awesome guide here and start setting up your social media profiles. Just remember that you shouldn’t hesitate in selecting the accounts that suit your personal needs and likes. Do remember that the type of account to pick shouldn’t affect your audience and target audience in any way. Now that’s enough for your understanding.

No. 4 Blogger Plus

Blogging, especially blogging, attracts millions of people to write articles on a daily basis. Today, thousands of bloggers are earning millions out of their writing and sharing their thoughts and experiences through blogging. The growth in blogging has made bloggers search for better opportunities and also look for means to monetize their blogs. Several sources offer services such as WordPress,, and Tumblr among others. These have become the buzzwords of today’s generation as they provide a plethora of resources to set up a blog. If you are new to blogging then skip the signup process. It doesn’t take much time and energy. Moreover, blogging offers more opportunities than just a job. Here you can sell your digital products. And there is plenty to discover in terms of marketing methods, tips, tricks, etc. One important factor that every budding blogger needs to understand is that this field has numerous industries in which you can participate. So if you are doing well in blogging itself, you can start exploring the vast possibilities open to you. Don’t underestimate the importance of knowing how to make money while writing and sharing your work across different platforms. The applications provided service for the blogger are consider best applications google play store.

No. 5 Kiosk Installer

Kiosks are handy gadgets that are mostly installed during public transportation so people can receive updates on weather forecasts, traffic, and other basic things. They are usually programmed to notify their users when their location is coming close to their destination. When you are commuting on a bus or train, you certainly would have seen a kiosk near the door. Similarly, with buses or trains, kiosks are also present near doors. People can ask such kiosks things like “Where is my bus? Is that a local station?” Kiosks help save a journey for people of all ages. Hence, these kiosks are widely used by commuters and are also often seen in airports. So thanks to the kiosk installer app, we have come to realize that anyone can install a kiosk app on his phone and turn all the essential functions on without spending a single cent. Besides, such apps are also quite useful due to several reasons. Firstly, such app features show their users’ interest in a particular topic. Furthermore, these app features don’t require installing anything. For businesses, these apps are crucial because they help gain visibility for their goods. Finally, such apps are also hugely helpful for travelers since they can locate where he is going with relative ease of mind.

No. 6 Traveling Tracker

When people travel, they use gadgets to keep track of whether or not they’ve arrived. That can help a person stay focused on their travels. Nevertheless, those gadgets can be pretty expensive. Another important factor here is to know if you need to leave your luggage somewhere or to find another place to put everything. Having such a small device doesn’t help you in finding a place for your belongings when you need to return home. Instead of tracking your journey using your phones, trackers can do this for you and will not charge you extra on your travel fees. Additionally, these app features allow you