Who can never be happy?

The majority of humans who have ever lived, possibly? Asking any human to be happy or telling any one person to be happy is asking an awful lot. I mean, life is tough; existence is tough. And there exists a multitude of ways in which any human being can potentially become tormented by the vagaries and whims of life it’s impressive that so many people can keep themselves between the lines well enough to avoid having a total catastrophe. If you want to live happy, kindly avoid the following points.

Who can never be happy:

  • The person who doesn’t forgive.
  • The person who is always comparing him or herself to others.
  • The inauthentic people-pleaser.
  • The addict.
  • The person whose hope and faith are solely in humanity.
  • The person whose sense of self-worth is wholly dependent on his or her accomplishments and human praise.
  • The person who doesn’t practice thankfulness or contentment.

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