Apple says lockdown mode on iOS 16 will help prevent government spyware attacks. Apple on Wednesday said it would introduce a new “shutdown mode” on its upcoming iPhone and Mac software that would block certain features aimed at helping people target anti-government spyware. The technology giant said the new feature is a “special protection” for device owners targeted by countries using powerful spies, such as journalists, activists, and human rights defenders.

The move comes after at least two Israeli firms used Apple’s software bugs to hack iPhones without a target, requiring them to click or click on anything. Apple Corps has filed a lawsuit against NSO Group, the maker of “Pegasus” software capable of carrying out such attacks, and it has been added to the list of banned by US authorities.

Lockdown mode will also prevent iPhones and Macs from installing suspension profiles, which are commonly used by organizations to remove settings and protect security on all devices but to monitor the contents of the affected device and secretly. Consumer-level spyware is compromised for removal. The wired”Lockdown Mode” will hit Apple’s iPhones, iPods, and Macs this fall, and unlocking it will block most of the attachments sent to the iPhone’s messaging app. Security researchers believe the NSO group made a mistake in handling Apple’s message attachments. Israeli company Cellebrite has used such hand-made connections to access iPhones. connection is also blocked when lock mode is turned on, which prevents forensic hardware tools from downloading device data.

Apple Officials say they believe the latest attack is a new feature of combat – called “zero-click” – it’s still rare and many users won’t need to use the new model. Apple claims 10 million in donations, as well as any proceeds from its lawsuit against the NSO group, which it receives from groups it receives and works to prevent targeted theft. Apple said the funding would go to the Dignity and Justice Fund, set up by the Ford Foundation, one of the largest independent organizations in the United States.